20 Hilarious Comics Full of Sudden twists and Unexpected Endings by the Artist “Raph”

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We’re going to introduce you to “Raph,” a cartoonist who is unquestionably the greatest at making funny comics since it has a dark tone and an unexpected ending. Artist Raph, who resides in Melbourne, Australia, draws on his everyday experiences to create fantastic tales that are invariably strangely familiar. He is therefore quite well-liked by fans of comics and has nearly 65,600 fans on his Instagram account.


We’ve selected a few of Raph’s finest creations for you to enjoy and to make you smile. One of the best and most astounding works of art on the Internet is created by Raph’s thoughts and amazing expressions. Raph, which has a dark tone and a surprising finale, is the best at capturing amusing humor. He loves to make comics about God or abstract ideas like heaven, infinity, etc.

He claims “it’s depressing, moral, foolish, perplexing, and brilliant. I don’t stick to any one particular kind of humor. Observing how different individuals respond to art is my favorite aspect of it. His creations are the best art to lift one’s spirits. So stop waiting and scroll down to see Raph’s artwork. You will undoubtedly laugh aloud and have a blast.

Credit: Raph comic

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