20 Prolific Pen Comics Sums Up Daily Situations and Challenges Faced by People

Let’s talk about the Prolific Pen Comics Instagram account today. This comic book series has become famous for its portrayal of people’s everyday struggles and difficulties. This comics series is owned by a brilliant artist, Yanni Davros. He is a comic artist who makes ordinary circumstances funny. His age is thirty-six. Sacramento, California, is the place of his birth. The artist draws inspiration from actual people and events from daily life.

He gets the ideas and situations for his comics from actual events in life. His Instagram account is followed by almost 109,000 people. The artist says that he became a cartoonist against the desire of his parents for him to become a doctor. However, he chooses to make hilarious comics that make us all smile and brighten anyone’s day. You can observe that the characters and situations in his comics are based on actual people and events by scrolling down.

Credit: Prolific Pen Comics

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#1. Strongest Weapon

#2. Does anyone work with anyone like this?

#3. Skipping Workout Day


#4. Always Watching

#5. Original Ideas

#6. Tissue Paper


He mostly makes comics on themes such as work-life balance struggles, social media anxieties, dating, and relationships. He started drawing different shapes as a child before becoming interested in comic drawings. He was unlucky to have supportive parents who did not allow him to major in sequential visual art and study art history. But his love for comics led him to create his own comic series along with his studies.

#7. Dead Fish

#8. TV with friends

#9. Spooky Ghost


#10. Orbits

#11. The First Artist

#12. Sports Bras


#13. Well Behaved Women

#14. Police Tip Hotline

Since establishing his website in 2012, he has garnered a sizable social media following. His comics are renowned for being capable of surprising readers with unexpected turns and surprises. Hopefully, you people will also like his blog. Please comment about your favorite comic in this article, and do not forget to hit the share button. Visit Here And Here to see more of his comics.

#15. Man Ant


#16. Living the dream

#17. Petting Zoo

#18. Office Scenarios


#19. a baby goes through the motions

#20. Camouflage In Nature

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