20 Lingvistov Comics Based on True Love in the Lives of Cat Owners

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Among the most common pets worldwide are cats. By drawing comics about cats, artists could attract an audience that can relate to the scenarios and feelings portrayed. Having a cat brings with it an endless number of amusing and touching moments. It’s possible that the creators are translating relatable comics from their own lives with cats. But there is no one better than an Instagram account named Lingvistov.


This Instagram account was created by artist duo Asia and Landysh Akhmetzyanova. Asia is the illustrator of this comic series. Landysh Akhmetzyanova is the main author, who draws comics in a hilarious way. Their illustrations are sure to make you laugh and feel happy. They currently have a huge audience of 419,000 followers on their Instagram account. If you are a cat lover or ever have a cat, then you must scroll down to the next gallery.

Credit: Lingvistov

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#1. Very Busy

image 2321

#2. Paws

image 2325

#3. Seat

image 2327

#4. Being an Expert

image 2324

#5. Spooky Sounds

image 2326

#6. Working From Home

image 2328

Both artists behind this comic series are huge cat lovers. They say that they chose cats because of their fluffy forms, big eyes, and unique movements, which lend themselves well to visual storytelling in a comic format. Their passion for these furry companions is the main motivation behind their artistic creations. That’s why they started this comic series, and now it is a popular web comic all around the world.

#7. Hilarious

image 2329

#8. Sneaking

image 2330

#9. Stripes

image 2331

#10. Annoying

image 2332

#11. So Relatable

image 2333

#12. Under Blanket

image 2334

#13. Sleeping

image 2335

#14. Credit

image 2336

#15. Scary

image 2337

This comic series is so special because of its focus on relatable comics about life with cats. Their comics are especially charming and entertaining for cat owners, since they express the genuine affection, unexpected surprises, and occasional confusion that come with having an animal as a pet. Hopefully, you people find this blog interesting. For more of his comics, you have to simply visit here and here.

#16. True

image 2338

#17. Got it

image 2339

#18. Home Office

image 2340

#19. Cleaning Assistant

image 2341

#20. Food time

image 2342

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