20 Lazy Man Comics Shows The Hilarious Adventures of The Artist Himself

When we get older, we experience a variety of humorous situations. But we were unaware of them at the time. However, when we read them in humorous comic strip form, those scenarios make us laugh aloud and act as a reminder that we too experience these ridiculous situations. This is the artwork created by the Lazy Man Comics Instagram account. Famous for its self-centered comics, this Instagram account features artwork by the creator himself.

It shows everyday journeys, typically highlighting the realistic and funny things about life. His colorful and funny comics provide a pleasant picture of the creator’s life for viewers. His comics are largely about the difficulties he had when he was younger. By doing this, he has gained 5,400 devoted followers on his Facebook page. We have included his top twenty comics in the gallery below.

Credit: Lazy Man Comics

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#1. Weekends

#2. Food

#3. Right Company


#4. Compassion

#5. Social Distancing

#6. Haunting


In his comics, the artist portrays himself as an optimistic and joyful person. He is well-known for his appealing illustrations, real humor, and heartbreaking scenes. Typically, his comics are eye-catching and in a four-panel format that are perfect for a fast read. His main goal is to make his audience laugh by sharing his humorous stories through comedy.

#7. Calm

#8. My brain during exams

#9. Limits


#10. Asian Parents

#11. Doing taxes

#12. Cats are the best


#13. Why am i Like This?

#14. Actual Goal

Even though the topic of comics usually revolves around the creator’s experiences, including looks into his friendships and closeness to family, this adds a comforting and touching quality to his work. His witty and motivating exchanges highlight the value of relationships in daily life. His comics are usually lighthearted and ideal for a quick read. His primary objective is to make his audience laugh by using humor to share his amusing comics.

#15. My wallet does not agree with my online shopping requirements


#16. Education

#17. Cloning

#18. Test


#19. Dogs are Little Monsters

#20. The Way

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