20 Katalyst Comics Based on the Hilarious Experiences of the Artist Himself

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Katalyst Comics is a web comic that was created by a brilliant artist whose name is Kyle. This comic series was started by the creator during a trying period in his personal life in 2020, during the lockdown. He believes that creating comics is a fantastic method of relaxing and making others happy. The artist enjoyed himself and created amusing graphics despite never having attended a professional art school.


On Instagram, he has 33,100 followers. Kyle fell in love with comic books shortly after he first became exposed to the universe of fantasy and superpowers. With time, he developed his creative skills and began experimenting with many mediums and methods. He had an interest in creating strange and interesting comics. Therefore, he started Katalyst Comics. His comics are simultaneously humorous and relatable. Take pleasure in these twenty of his best comics.

Credit: Katalyst Comics

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#1. Much Better

image 2867

#2. Work Out

image 2868

#3. Quack

image 2869

#4. Embarrassing

image 2870

#5. Job Hunt

image 2871

#6. Spirit Animal

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This series was mostly made by Kyle, also known as Blue Boi. He specializes in bizarre and humorous stories that revolve around the artist’s own thoughts. His comics cover a wider range of topics and humor techniques, often showing impossible and realistic scenarios in a four-panel layout. Superhero-themed comics are the artist’s favorite to create.

#7. Netflix Series

image 2873

#8. Trick Questions

image 2874

#9. Others Vs Me

image 2875

#10. Beautiful Body

image 2876

#11. So Late

image 2877

#12. Hard to draw

image 2878

#13. Nothing Happened

image 2879

#14. Pirate

image 2880

According to the artist, creating art is a great way to let your feelings out and relax. Comic books are a great way for many people who suffer from loneliness to deal with their problems. Katalyst Comics is definitely worth checking out if you’re searching for comics that will make you think, laugh, and feel good. Go here and here to view his earlier posts on our site.

#15. New Baby

image 2882

#16. Time To Go

image 2881

#17. Having a Stressful Day

image 2883

#18. Old Pictures

image 2884

#19. Dig

image 2885

#20. Gun Store

image 2886

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