20 Kashi Cats Comics Shows Her Daily Life With Cat in an Adorable Way

Giving cats human-like thoughts allows us to see the world from their perspective. Their inner world of food obsession, domination over humans, and overall confusion is revealed in this entertaining way. This lets the comedy come out and makes it simple to read and understand. We laugh at this because we identify these actions in our own cat friends. In order to refresh your memories with pets, we have compiled a collection of comics for you.

Kashi Cats is an Instagram account that is famous for making comics about the inner lives of cats. The brilliant author behind this comic series is a female artist who makes comics about her neighborhood cats. She mostly makes comics about herself while doing silly things with cats. By making comics on such topics, she is able to reach an audience of 4,405 followers on her Instagram account. You can check out some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Kashi Cats

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#1. Best Feeling Ever

#2. Being a fosterer

#3. Lot of Things


#4. Minimize Exposure

#5. Pharmacy

#6. Community Cats


What makes her comic so relatable is its imaginative and realistic portrayal of everyday life, which often focuses on precious and humorous times shared with family and friends, particularly the furry ones. Her original plan for this web comic was to create a documentary about the simple moments she spent with her pets on a regular basis. That’s how she makes her comics look more attractive and amusing.

#7. Cheater

#8. Got a Date

#9. Fasting


#10. Humans Think

#11. Relax

#12. Very Friendly


#13. What do you do?

#14. Weighing

His witty writing and eye-catching illustrations captured these interesting cat friends to perfection. In the comic strip universe he created, animals and humans lived in friendship. It’s a sweet reflection that cats’ appealing personalities are what make them such valued family members. We hope this article was enjoyable for all of you. Check out our website regularly for more comics of this kind.

#15. Over Looked Women


#16. Too Many Cats

#17. Health Care

#18. Self Love


#19. Types of Love

#20. Not to Feel

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