20 hilarious comics with dark twists and unexpected endings, illustrated by Oscar Samdi

Oscar Samdi, a 33-year-old psychologist, has been seeking an escape from reality through his drawings since he was very young. A year ago, he restarted his practice and shared his comics on the Internet. And the illustrations of him are quite interesting and hilarious!

The artist told Bored Panda: “Drawing is the best way to express my opinions, feelings, and all the weird things that come to mind.” He creates comics on random topics and they all tend to have dark and unexpected twists. We are pretty sure that all lovers of dark humor will appreciate his comics, check out his works in the gallery below!

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#1 The Last Concert

#2 Scary Costumes – What Is Your Dog’s Worst Fear?

#3 The Most Loyal Friend You’ll Ever Have

#4 Shark’s Party

#5 When Fresh Air Ruins Your Sobriety

#6 Do You Really Know Who You’re Talking To?

#7 Escape

#8 Humans

#9 The Weekend

#10 One Of Us

#11 The Last Day

#12 A Cow On The Road

#13 How To Deal With Tantrums

#14 The Biggest Betrayals In History

#15 Mr. President

#16 The Vaper

#17 Curiosity

#18 The Mime

#19 The Funny Guy

#20 Cyber Love

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