20 Elder Cactus Comics Full of Dark Jokes and Clever Situations to Amuse You

We are back to discuss an artist who will have you guessing and make you laugh out loud as he takes strange and unexpected turns that will leave you wondering what will happen next. Elder Cactus is a webcomic that Tim Lavoie created. Tim is a cartoonist from Tucson, Arizona, who draws secretly under his own name, Elder Cactus. His drawings are filled with dark comedy and weirdness.

He takes ordinary situations and injects them with humor, making them relatable in an unexpected way. For instance, a comic might feature a character who is so addicted to his phone that he misses a meteor shower happening right above them. This is how he makes his comics full of twists. By doing so, there are about 57,100 people who followed him on her Instagram account. Let’s enjoy some of his best comics.

Credit: Elder Cactus

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#1. Sending

#2. Prayer Man 2

#3. Prayer Man


#4. Great Job

#5. Choose the shows you watch while being pregnant wisely

#6. Don’t let this happen to you


He studied creating in a formal setting and is a self-taught artist. In addition, many cartoonists or comic book artists served as inspiration for him. He began posting his comics on a personal website after mastering the craft of drawing. He now belongs to a group of well-known artists who make comics. This is all because of his strong dedication and hard work.

#7. Love Show

#8. Guess What

#9. Immature


#10. Stop Talking

#11. Help Me

#12. Instructor


#13. Office

#14. Get Out

His comics have a unique style that combines comedy, creativity, and serious events from life. In addition, imaginative characters and beautifully drawn worlds may be seen in his comics. He creates comics with a lighthearted and surprising take on common subjects like social media obsession or the everyday struggle. We can find ourselves laughing by simply clicking Here And Here.

#15. Weekend


#16. Sword Horse

#17. Winning

#18. Invading


#19. Chicken Nuggets

#20. So Thirsty

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