20 Blobby and Friends Comics Shows Messages of Positivity and Self-Love

Blobby and Friends is a web comic series created by artist Michelle. This comic series centers around the adventures of Blobby and their group of friends. Blobby is a friendly blob fish. She is a brilliant artist who raises awareness about important social issues like homelessness, racism, and body image in a thoughtful and humorous way. She also depicts relatable situations from everyday life, from friendship struggles to awkward moments.

The artist promotes messages of positivity, acceptance, and self-love. Her art style is cartoony and uses expressive characters to convey emotions. Despite making comics on serious topics, Blobby and Friends also has heartwarming moments that will touch your heart. By making comics on such good topics, she is able to reach an audience of 485,000 followers on her Instagram account. Let’s enjoy some of her best comics.

Credit: Blobby And Friends

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#1. life is a journey

#2. Outfit

#3. Leave Her Alone


#4. What goes around comes around

#5. Correct

#6. Being Social


The artist has been interested in using comics as a way to raise awareness and spark conversation. She has had a lifelong passion for creating characters and stories, and comics became her chosen medium. She also took advantage of tutorials, courses, or online comic communities to learn and develop her skills. Due to which she is able to make such fabulous comics for her fans.

#7. Soul Mate

#8. It’s not as bad as it seems

#9. Who sets these standards anyway?


#10. Live Stream

#11. Social media can really make you feel good about yourself

#12. Good Look


#13. I can’t imagine a different ending 

#14. Holiday Party

Her comics are based on Monkey, Lily, Roly, Ashley, and Punk Kid characters. Her comics usually focus on the gang’s day-to-day flaws, addressing realistic themes like friendship, maturing, and interacting with others. Because of this, people always find her comics funny and agree with her viewpoints. . If you enjoy more such comics, then don’t hesitate to click here and Here.

#15. Just my take


#16. For all the artists out there

#17. Know that feeling?

#18. Unzipped


#19. This one actually happened to me

#20. Necessary

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