14 Comics That Capture Artist Life With Wife, A Hyperactive Dog, And A Newborn Baby

The artist’s name is Erez Zadok. he is a comic book artist and there is a chance you have already stumbled upon “Bundle of Joya”. That’s my weekly comics series on Instagram, about the funny and relatable experiences with my dog, Joya.

his beloved wife, Lina, gave birth to our adorable baby girl named May and you can be pretty sure Joya and I gave a happy Fortnite dance! Now we’re very excited to share with you our new delightful moments of having an innocent baby girl and a hyperactive female dog.

If you enjoyed my work – follow me on my social media platforms and if you REALLY loved it, I would appreciate it if you consider supporting me by purchasing some prints, coasters, or the new BUNDLE OF JOYA’s first book collection on my online store. A dedicated signature and quick sketch will surely be included!

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