20 Times This Artist Takes a Hilarious Look at Life’s Mishaps


Step into the charming universe of Ziggy, a comic strip that’s been tickling funny bones and warming hearts since its inception in 1971. Created by the talented Tom Wilson, Ziggy’s World offers a delightful and relatable peek into life’s mishaps, wrapped in humor that’s as endearing as it is hilarious.

Tom Wilson, a gifted artist and storyteller, birthed the lovable character of Ziggy from a desire to explore everyday struggles and misfortunes in a lighthearted manner. With a stroke of his pen, Wilson brought to life a perpetually unlucky yet remarkably resilient character. Ziggy, with his trademark circular body, large nose, and optimistic outlook despite life’s constant curveballs, quickly became a beloved icon.

But how does an artist conjure up the zany adventures of a character like Ziggy? Well, Wilson’s creative process was a blend of inspiration and imagination. Ideas for Ziggy’s escapades often sprang from observing the quirks of everyday life. Wilson had a knack for spotting the humor in ordinary situations, from the challenges of technology to the complexities of human interactions. These observations acted as a springboard for crafting the whimsical scenarios Ziggy finds himself in.

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#1. Seeds


#2. Basic Options

#3. Popcorn


#4. Fixed

#5. Situation


Imagine Wilson sitting at his drawing board, sketching away, perhaps chuckling to himself as he visualizes Ziggy’s next calamity. Inspiration could strike anywhere—a chat with a friend, a stroll down the street, or even from personal experiences. Wilson’s genius lay in his ability to take these nuggets of inspiration and weave them into relatable, light-hearted stories that resonate universally.

#6. Possession

#7. Manage


#8. Pool

#9. Let you out


#10. Mail

Creating a comic strip like Ziggy isn’t just about the punchlines; it’s about touching hearts and provoking smiles. Through Ziggy’s mishaps and misadventures, Wilson managed to capture the essence of the human experience—the ups, the downs, and the sheer resilience that keeps us going, despite it all.

#11. Movies


#12. Department

#13. Leap


#14. Still Busy

#15. Discomfort


The enduring charm of Ziggy lies in its simplicity and universal appeal. It’s not just a comic strip; it’s a mirror that reflects our own foibles and vulnerabilities, reminding us to laugh at life’s eccentricities and find joy in the midst of chaos. So, the next time you flip through the comic section of your newspaper or scroll through your favorite online platform, take a moment to appreciate the delightful world of Ziggy. In those whimsical panels, you might just find a reflection of your own mishaps, wrapped in laughter and served with a side of optimism—a reminder that life’s hiccups are best faced with a smile.

#16. Death

#17. Spirit Readings


#18. Menu

#19. Past


#20. Payment

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