20 Yes Just Comics Explore the Adventures of Frog and Worm 

Comics have a long and fascinating history of depicting the adventures of frogs and worms, and there are numerous reasons why these unlikely characters entertain us. Both frogs and worms are small, often ignored organisms. Seeing them as the main characters in fascinating adventures appeals to our inherent need to root for the unfortunate. We encourage them to overcome hurdles and achieve their goals, even if they appear impossible at first.

Today we are here to introduce you to an artist who captures the adventures of these creatures. Meet Yes Just Comics, an Instagram artist who chooses to be anonymous for his audience. He always captures the adventures of frogs and worms in his heartwarming comics. We have compiled his best comics in the next section. You can check out these comics by scrolling down.

Credit: Yes Just Comics

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#1. Erase

#2. Rain Coat

#3. Satisfying

#4. Wholesome

#5. The Worst

#6. Mountains

The inherent foolishness of a frog and worm embarking on epic adventures provides limitless potential for hilarity. The contrast between their diminutive size and their high aims creates naturally humorous situations. The artist plays with their physical constraints, miscommunication with other creatures, and the ridiculousness of their great intentions. This is how he gets his audience to laugh.

#7. Dating

#8. Dream

#9. Strong as the Sun

#10. Miserable

#11. Crying is Ok

#12. Beautiful

#13. Bad News

Although he does not have a significant Instagram following, his comics are worth watching. Frog and worm stories, particularly those involving magical experiences, frequently tackle relatable themes such as friendship, durability, and overcoming one’s anxieties. We see ourselves in their difficulties and accomplishments, making their stories even more appealing.

#14. Another day another opportunity

#15. Shadow

#16. Pop Corn

#17. Good Vibrations

#18. Toast

#19. Bad Thoughts

#20. Down Town

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