20 Yaplaws Comics Based on Mental Health and Daily Life Struggles

Yaplaws Comics is a web comic that was created by artist Andy Ulanoff. He is the artist who makes comics deal with relatable themes like mental health and daily life struggles. Connections Loneliness and the human condition The artist’s first comic series debuted in 2018. When creating a comic, the artist finds inspiration in his own thoughts. Yaplaws has 53,400 Instagram followers that love his work.

His art style is famous for its use of expressive characters. The artist’s comics mostly feature a character with purple hair and a yellow shirt named Yaplaws. He also incorporates talking animals and non-living objects into his comics. He makes comics to communicate feelings and ideas that he is unable to convey in other forms. His comics challenge readers’ thoughts in addition to making them laugh. Let’s enjoy his best comics.

Credit: Yaplaws

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#1. Something New

#2. Adventure

#3. Phone Home


#4. Lazy People

#5. Two Things

#6. No Play


Before adding humor and making comics, he first transformed his ideas into drawings. His main objective is to make his followers happy, so they will briefly forget about their problems. It was always his intention to feel something for them on an emotional level. He says that creating something that people can relate to also helps him to smile.

#7. Relative Humanity

#8. Food For Thought

#9. Fall


#10. So Hard To Enjoy

#11. Mindless Chores

#12. Life


#13. Woke Up

The main themes in his comics are mental health struggles, the anxieties of daily life, the complexities of relationships, and the isolating feeling of loneliness. His comics are mostly based on four panels. He uses simple colors, which allows the focus to remain on the emotions within each comic. If you find his comics interesting and want to enjoy them more, then click here and here.

#14. No One

#15. At The Mall


#16. Time For Bed

#17. Time Stops

#18. Few More


#19. Feel Dead

#20. Hillside view

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