Here are 20 Relatable Comics by the Artist Who is Inspired by Cross-Cultural Life

Xculturalcomic is the username of an Instagram account that explores cultural differences in a humorous way. The artist behind this comic series is a female who lives with her partner in Hong Kong. She creates comics inspired by her cross-cultural life. She frequently touches on cross-cultural experiences, especially those related to being a foreigner in different countries.

The artist uses humor to explore the awkwardness of social interactions, with a cross-cultural twist. Her comics mostly deal with cultural differences and experiences. She basically explores the experiences of a girl growing up in Hong Kong and traveling to different countries. She currently does not have enough followers, but her comics will surely make your day. For this, you have to simply explore the following gallery.

Credit: Xculturalcomic

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#1. Daily Diet

#2. Chinese Soup

#3. Weather is so nice


#4. Wake Up

#5. Let’s Clean Up

#6. Household


Her comics follow the lives of the artist herself and her partner. She immigrated with her family when she was young. Her partner is an American. Her comics explore their experiences navigating cultural differences, family traditions, and her experiences while traveling in different countries.

#7. Indigestion

#8. So beautiful

#9. Long Wait


#10. Let’s Go

#11. Different Units

#12. Asian Food


#13. just when we are most well planned for our trip

#14. Bucket List

#15. Paddle Forward


She uses different comic themes from other artists, which makes her comics more amusing and relatable. She always creates four-panel comics that are based on visual elements from both Asian and Western cultures to make her comics charming. Her art style is lighthearted and cartoony, with expressive characters and clear emotions. Do not forget to comment on and share this blog. 

#16. Bed Shaking

#17. What is in your bag?

#18. Language Confusion at Fine Dinning


#19. Asian Parents

#20. Cramps

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