20 Working Daze Comics Depict the Everyday Experiences of a Group of Employees


John Zakour is the creator of the long-running comic strip Working Daze, which is now illustrated by Scott Roberts. It is well-known for its humorous depiction of office life and the strange people who work there. Their comic centers on the everyday experiences of a group of employees working at MMM, a seemingly large but impersonal tech company. Their comics are always amusing and enjoyed by their true fans.

Everybody who has ever worked can relate to the scenarios portrayed in Working Daze, from dealing with awkward social interactions with coworkers to handling office politics and deadlines. He utilizes humor to address relatable challenges faced by office workers. His jokes often involve miscommunication and tech mishaps. We have collected for you his best 20 comics. Feel free to explore them by scrolling down.

Credit: Working Daze

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#1. Another job


#2. Bother

#3. Can’t find


#4. Batman Day

#5. Photoshop


#6. Don’t expect

It focuses on the office dynamics, work struggles, and personal lives of the characters, often using humor to portray relatable situations in the tech industry. The main cast includes Frank, who is a cynical programmer. Dilbert, who is a neurotic engineer, Walt, who is the optimistic and enthusiastic manager, and Stephanie, who is the voice of reason and a competent colleague,.

#7. Remeber


#8. Workers

#9. Toys Delivering


#10. Still sick

#11. Meeting


#12. Improve efficiency

#13. Cool


The comic strip has been running since 2001 and has gained a loyal following for its wit, relatable themes, and portrayal of office life. It continues to resonate with readers who see themselves and their office experiences reflected in the comic’s characters and situations. If you also enjoyed and related to his comics, then don’t forget to hit the share button. Also, comment about your favorite comic in the comment section.

#14. Struggled

#15. Let’s get one


#16. Performance Bonus

#17. Very busy


#18. auto running

#19. New companion


#20. Website problems

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