20 Windaa Lee Comics Shows What Everyday Relationship Looks Like

Winda Lee is an artist who creates comics about her life and experiences, often focusing on heartwarming and relatable moments, especially about love and family. She shares her work on her YouTube channel, Winda Lee Draws, and other platforms. She is also a freelancer on Fiverr named Windalee, who offers custom self-portraits in figurine form based on comic characters. But she is known for her adorable comics.


She is an illustrator and YouTuber at WindaLeeDraws. She has been drawing since 2007, and she loves telling stories about relationships. The artist believes that love does not always need to be romantic or involve flowers or fancy language. Sometimes, we take love for granted. She also believes that love can be expressed through small gestures, such as holding hands until we are elderly or giving a hug whenever we are feeling down. You can enjoy her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Winda Lee Comics

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#1. Be with someone


#2. Long distance relationship


#3. Long time no see

#4. Cup of tea


#5. Bad dream

#6. True love


She mostly shares her humorous observations about everyday events, but the primary focus of her comics is to depict her experiences in everyday life with her partner, making her work relatable to a wide audience. She currently has 11,700 Instagram followers. Her humor commonly comes from relatable situations and observations, giving readers a sense of being seen and understood.

#7. Short person

#8. No


#9. Smile

#10. Seems Impossible


#11. Best feeling

#12. not for everyone


#13. Simple things

#14. Get a bonus


#15. Forget Something

Her comics mostly depict the love, emotional moments, and struggles that couples face on a daily basis. The artist’s comics have a unique appearance because of their simple yet expressive style, light colors, and sharp lines. Her realistic illustrations set her apart from other artists. Her comics relate to everyone who has ever been in a relationship because they depict universally relatable emotions and situations.

#16. Eat


#17. Best feeling

#18. Till Death


#19. Notice me

#20. So weird


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