20 Single-Panel Comics by an Artist Who is Known for Chuckle-Inducing Wit and Sharp Twists




Single-panel comics have a unique charm and effectiveness in making us laugh by delivering humor in a concise and clever format. Single-panel comics distill humor down to its essence. They present a single, straightforward scene or scenario, often with minimal dialogue or none at all. The punchline or humorous element in a single-panel comic is carefully timed for maximum impact. It often appears at the very end of the panel, catching the reader off guard and eliciting a spontaneous laugh or smile.

Whyatt Cartoons is a comic series created by Tim Whyatt. Whyatt Cartoons is a comic series that features one-panel comics with humorous and relatable themes. The comics are known for their chuckle-inducing wit and sharp precision, turning everyday situations into hilarious scenarios. He has 68,000 followers on Facebook and 4,967 followers on Instagram. Although he has not much following, his comics are worth watching, which will definitely make you laugh out loud.

His comics often tap into universal or relatable experiences, making readers feel like they’ve been in a similar situation. When we recognize a familiar scenario or emotion, it amplifies the humor. Through his creative lens, everyday scenarios take on a whimsical life of their own, often culminating in a clever punchline or unexpected turn of events. Whyatt’s comics are a testament to his ability to distill humor to its purest form, delivering quick and uproarious laughter with each panel. His work blends a keen eye for human quirks and relatable situations with an uncanny knack for surprise, leaving readers with smiles and giggles as they savor the delightful twists that await in each of his comedic creations.

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Credit: Whyatt Cartoons

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#1. Old Photo

#2. Significant Change

#3. Hilarious

#4. Storms

#5. Merry Christmas

#6. Mobile Service

#7. Laser

#8. Where is She?

#9. Spoiler Alert

#10. Cat Owners

#11. Fast and Furious

#12. Dating Service

#13. I’m not here

#14. Searching

#15. Back Pocket

#16. Love

#17. Romance

#18. Please Tell Me

#19. Cup of Tea

#20. Furniture

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