Here are 20 Whimsical and Relatable Comics by Cartoonist Dami Lee

Dami Lee is a cartoonist and illustrator from South Korea. She is known for her whimsical and relatable cartoons, which frequently address themes of identity, relationships, and everyday absurdities. Her comics are distinguished by a basic yet expressive art style that employs a limited color palette to create a whimsical comics. Her characters are frequently depicted with wide, expressive eyes and mouths, which help in conveying their feelings and thoughts.

She usually draws four-panel comics. Her sense of humor sets her apart from other creators. Her main goal in creating such comics is to make people laugh with the comedy in them. She achieves this goal by smiling at her 335,000 genuine Instagram followers, who are still growing. Some of her best comics can be found in the following section. We hope these comics make your day a little brighter.

Credit: Dami_lee

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#1. Concert

#2. How to eat fried chicken

#3. He’s family

#4. Later that night

#5. Recently learned

#6. Strongest Sailor

She is a skilled artist and cartoonist who has created work that is both interesting and humorous. Her comics are often composed of small, determined stories that represent familiar situations, feelings, and experiences in wonderfully unexpected ways. Her work has appeared in magazines such as The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic. She has also had her comics published in publications such as “The Secret Life of an Asian American Teenager” and “Dami Lee’s Guide to Adulting.”

#7. Look at wacky thing

#8. The only reason to have kids

#9. Playing music

#10. Party

#11. A whirlwind romance comes to an end

#12. Royal Wedding

#13. Infinity Stones

The work she creates is simple yet expressive, with bright tones and crisp lines. Her characters are often depicted in a comical way, yet they are nevertheless realistic and accessible. Hopefully, you enjoy her comics. If you appreciate her comics, please leave a comment and share this blog. If you want to have even more fun, then click here.

#14. Literal Trash

#15. Summer Outfits

#16. New Home

#17. Winter

#18. Humans

#19. Wrist Band

#20. Cherry blossom season

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