A Cartoonist Beautifully Sums Up Childhood Memories in 20 Decent Comics


In today’s digital landscape, social media has morphed into an expansive gallery for artists to exhibit their craft and captivate a global audience. Among the myriad talents thriving on platforms like Instagram, the enchanting allure of Alina T’s art has magnetized a staggering following of 1 million. Yet, in this realm of artistic brilliance, one luminary shines distinctively—enter the whimsical universe of What’s Up Beanie.

If you’ve strolled through the artistic corridors of Instagram, chances are you’ve encountered the vibrant tapestry woven by What’s Up Beanie. Her artwork isn’t merely a fusion of vibrant hues and intricate details; it’s a portal to a realm where reality dances with fantasy. Picture cartoon-esque characters adorning intricately depicted real-world backgrounds, a symphony that elevates the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Credit: Whatsup Beanie

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#1. Playing With Cat


#2. Memories With First Dog

#3. Sleepy Melt


#4. Whole Bag

#5. Baby Logic


What sets What’s Up Beanie’s art apart isn’t just its visual splendor; it’s the invitation it extends—a beckoning call to delve into the recesses of our imagination, to unearth our inner child, and to marvel at the magic nestled within the mundane. It’s an artistic voyage that blurs the boundaries between the feasible and the fantastical, where every stroke whispers tales of boundless possibilities.

#6. First Snow Encounter

#7. Watching a Scary Movie


#8. Get Another One

#9. Talking in Sleep


#10. Little Doggy

Though the enigma shrouding the artist might stir curiosity, the art speaks volumes, singing a melody of its own. What’s Up Beanie’s creations are not merely brushstrokes on a canvas; they are doorways to a world where the boundaries are set only by the limits of our imagination. Each piece is a whispered promise that, in this universe, anything is conceivable. It’s art that deserves not just a glance but a heartfelt appreciation and recognition for the unique narrative it spins.

#11. Waiting to be picked up


#12. New Hat

#13. Over Thinking


#14. Hungry Betrayal

#15. Some Cheese


#16. Snails

Alina T’s artwork stands as an embodiment of a visionary world, where imagination reigns supreme and where, through her art, she extends an invitation to all to partake in a surreal sojourn beyond the ordinary. It is a testament to the power of artistic expression in fostering connectivity, evoking emotions, and fostering a shared experience transcending the confines of the digital realm.

#17. Raspberries


#18. Stealth Mode

#19. Scare off the monsters


#20. Dress Up

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