20 Veggie Donut Comics Shows Hilarious Jokes To Tickle Your Funny Bone


Dark humor isn’t for everyone because some dark comics have unexpected twists that will make readers laugh out loud. Many artists try to make their followers laugh with their dark comics. The one and only other comic creator that makes comics centered on witty jokes to make you laugh out loud is Hunter McIntyre. Today we’re going to present you with a fresh collection of darkly comedic comics.

Let me introduce an Instagram artist who goes by the name Veggie Donut Comics on his Instagram account. As he does not share so much information about himself, his true identity has remained a secret. He isn’t afraid of making fun of awkward situations and delivering lines that are unexpected and entertaining. Even though he doesn’t have a big following on Instagram, his humor will make you laugh aloud. Let’s look at some of his greatest comics in the section that follows.

Credit: Veggie Donut Comics

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#1. Apologize


#2. Menu

#3. Bee


#4. SOS

#5. So funny


#6. Monsters

Drawing people was still a major weakness in his skill set, even though he had developed his artistic abilities in high school for game development. He started making comics nearly three years ago, with Jimmy and Bill, two friends and sometimes enemies who are always in each other’s way as they find themselves in absurd situations.

#7. Fortune favors the boulder


#8. My friend

#9. Snake


#10. Sun Screen

#11. New Car


#12. Financial Stability

#13. Don’t test


#14. Buy Tickets

He was far less concerned with the artwork and far more focused on simply creating the comics. He didn’t really begin to establish a more consistent style for himself until last year. We’re happy to inform you that there will be more comics released soon if you liked this one. You must frequently visit our website in order to do this. Please feel free to click here and here to view his previous posts on our website.

#15. Society


#16. Birthday

#17. Love at first phone call in distress


#18. Plumbing burst

#19. Steal this


#20. Group activities

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