20 Vector Belly Comics Based on Quirky Situations to Amuse You


Today we have brought to you a new collection of quirky comics by Mike Rosenthal and his hilarious comic series, Vector Belly Comics. His comics are a great escape for those who are struggling in everyday life and want some time to enjoy themselves. He captures silly jokes in his comics while dealing with day-to-day tasks. His comics are mostly based on a four-panel format. His passion has always been drawing and making people laugh.

He therefore always believed that creating comic strips was a wonderful combination between the two. the artist has always enjoyed reading comic books. He would repeatedly examine the joke structures and drawing styles used by various Instagram artists. His buddies used to gather humorous Sunday newspaper articles in bundles and bring them over for him to read, which helped him become a better comedian and artist. Here are some of his best comics for your enjoyment.

Credit: Vector Belly comics

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#1. Job hunting


#2. Scary

#3. Love to hang out with friends


#4. wish granted

#5. tattoo


#6. speak up

He has, unfortunately, not had much time to dedicate to comics as he has been working for a graphic design company. He still likes them and reads them regularly. Occasionally, he’ll write down a concept and attempt to find time to develop it into a four-panel comic. With time, he did not have enough support, and he quit making comics.

#7. games


#8. carry my legacy

#9. stupid phone


#10. feel sick

#11. leave a party


#12. so needy

#13. stocking


#14. agent

Everybody has come across challenging situations in their daily lives at some point. These quirky situations are looked at in this hilarious comic book series. Make sure to check out his work if you’re in the mood for some humor. His comics are available on his website and social media accounts. Remember to share this blog and leave a comment.

#15. having a crush


#16. do nothing

#17. game


#18. career

#19. conflict of interest


#20. Smart

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