20 Vanilla Astrates Comics Based on Gaming and Battle Themes to Amuse You

Vanilla Astartes is the username of an Instagram account that posts humorous as well as sharp comics covering many different subjects, such as gaming experiences, battle themes, and darker themes. The creative mind behind this comic series is not the only one. It is a group of three brilliant artists. They did not reveal their names, but they are skilled graphic designers by profession.


Their comics capture the characteristics, joys, and frustrations of modern gaming. Many of their comics are four-panel that combine hilarious, realistic gaming and battle-related scenes with realistic illustration. Their comics often feature references to well-known video game characters, which generates nostalgia and a feeling of connection among fans. There are 19,300 users who follow them on Instagram. The following section contains their best comics.

Credit: Vanilla Astrates

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#1. Another glorious day in the corps


#2. Blonde Hair


#3. Get your weapons ready

#4. Mon-keighs and their insignificant problems


#5. You can always trust a Dark Angel

#6. Does not approve


He says gaming and battle comics usually show characters with amazing skills and abilities. By reading about them, we are able to delight in the fantasy of being strong and powerful and overcoming difficulties by experiencing them imaginatively. That’s why he chooses such themes to make comics, which makes him different from other artists. His comics are mostly enjoyable for gamers.

#7. Crazy Pilot

#8. what is that?


#9. Stupid and delicious biomass

#10. Any more questions


#11. Corruption

#12. Really strange readings


#13. Need More Soldiers

Their comics are full of heroic adventures and dramatic fights. Seeing the heroes overcome what appear to be insurmountable challenges may be satisfying and comforting. They do dramatic and graphically appealing battle scenes in several of their comics. The artist’s art style and storytelling combine to deliver an exciting and thrilling experience. If you find this blog interesting, then don’t forget to share it.

#14. peanuts


#15. Is it safe?

#16. What’s for dinner?


#17. Misinformed

#18. Changing the toner


#19. drawing

#20. no more


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