20 Valiant Jest Comics Based on Silly Situations and Dark Humor

We are back to discuss another good artist whom you are not familiar with. We are introducing her to our website for the first time. Let me introduce a brilliant artist named Mindy Kilgore. She is best known for her Instagram account, Valian Jest. This comic series is characterized by bizarre situations, silly humor, and random characters. Although she has a small audience on her Instagram account, once you see her comics, you will become a fan of her.


Although she claims the story isn’t particularly engaging, she always doodled a lot as a child, using notebooks and other materials. She even created a few little comics at the time. The artist felt it would be interesting to try making her own comics after reading a number of other people’s online comics a few years ago. She began writing down ideas that she felt might be amusing and interesting. You can check out some of her best comics in the next section.

Credit: Valiant Jest

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#1. Who did this?


#2. Red Handed


#3. Stealth

#4. Adventurer


#5. Missed Opportunities

#6. New Ring


Making comic strips was, in her opinion, a great opportunity to combine dark humor with ridiculous situations. Reading comic books has always been a passion of the artist. She would regularly study the joke formats and sketching techniques used by other Instagram users. Her friends would gather up funny Sunday newspaper sections and bring them over for her to read, which improved her comedic and artistic skills.

#7. Personal Space

#8. Inventory


#9. Super serious

#10. Second Play through


#11. So sweet

#12. During Shower


#13. Chapstick

#14. Tiny Dog Science


#15. Costumes

Sadly, because she has been employed by a company, she has not had much time to give to comics. She continues to enjoy them and reads them regularly. The artist occasionally writes down ideas and tries to find the time to turn them into four-panel comics. She ultimately ran out of support and stopped creating comics. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share this blog.

#16. Long Wear


#17. Cooking

#18. Stop


#19. Meditation Guide

#20. Winter


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