20 Hilarious Comics by a Couple Documenting Their Everyday Life with Their Child

Funny comics that depict ordinary situations with children are a great way to make people laugh. When a couple draws comics about their experience as parents, it’s as though we’re seeing inside their personal lives and experiencing the pleasures and difficulties via their shared experience. Each parent’s viewpoint gives the story more depth and hilarity since it shows us how each parent responds to various circumstances.

Mike Kanert and his wife created the comic series Unremarkable Us, which is based on their own experiences as parents. Inspired by their personal experiences as parents, they capture the laughter, frustrations, and joys that follow raising a child. His comics’ straightforward yet expressive artwork lets the situations and characters take center stage. Readers can more easily relate to the moments and emotions depicted in the comics due to their visual simplicity. He has 37,800 Instagram followers. You can check out their previous posts on our website by clicking here.

Credit: Unremarkable_Us

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#1. Pizza

#2. Ornaments

#3. Not So Bad

#4. Day Care

#5. Labor Day

#6. Forward Roll

Beyond just being funny, these cartoons provide a lovely, often touching escape from the everyday routine. Whether it is simple or complex, the artwork enhances the experience and helps us relate to the characters and their story on a deeper level. Their comics always make their audience laugh and are worth watching.

#7. Halloween Costume

#8. Ignored

#9. Not Done

#10. Toilet Paper

#11. Attitude

#12. No Joke

For parents, reading these comics can be very comforting. Having the knowledge that others go through comparable pleasures and difficulties can foster a feeling of belonging. It serves as a reminder that we’re not going through this amazing path known as parenthood together. Thus, the next time you see a funny comic about a couple raising a child, stop and consider the universal humor, the common experience, and the creative release it provides.

#13. Shoes Off

#14. Airplane

#15. Put on your clothes

#16. Hulk

#17. University Level

#18. Wash Your Hands

#19. More Structure

#20. Cold

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