20 Unearthed Comics Based on Everyday Observations About Life

Sara Zimmerman is a Norwegian artist who started using Instagram in 2014 and goes by the account Unearthed Comics. Since she was young, she has had an intense passion for drawing, and most of her comics are motivated by her personal goals or experiences. Her comics are well known for their humor, bizarre behavior, and precise depiction of everyday life. She always bases her jokes on observations about life on earth.


She started posting her artwork on the internet as a means of connecting with other artists and challenging her own creative abilities. But her distinctive style and approachable themes soon attracted a wider audience, and her popularity grew. With 162,000 Facebook followers and 29,100 Instagram friends, she currently has a sizable following. The next section is a collection of her best comics. Go to the following section and scroll down to enjoy them.

Credit: Unearthed Comics

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#1. Warmer


#2. Treadmill


#3. Will you pass the test?

#4. Thanks Giving


#5. Spiritual Journey

#6. Just Fine


Her comics are usually inspired by everyday observations about life on Earth, covering humor related to science, business, relationships, the environment, parenting, health, marketing, the internet, and yoga. Her comics are known for their sharp wit and relatable observations. That’s why her comics are always amusing to her huge audience.

#7. Happy Halloween

#8. Thoughts


#9. Therapy

#10. Decorations


#11. So Tired

#12. master Piece


#13. Vacation

#14. Hang Out


#15. Anger therapy reality in today’s world

A book compilation featuring some of the most popular Unearthed comics related to science and scientific concepts. It was published in 2013 and is available for purchase at various online retailers. We hope you people also like her comics. If you find this blog interesting, don’t forget to leave a comment and share it.

#16. Trust fall


#17. Good Listener

#18. Pretty Focused


#19. Best Day

#20. Together we can


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