20 Uncle Subbu Comics Based on a Traditional Father and His Modern Daughter


Uncle Subbu Comics is an Instagram account that is famous for making comics based on the humorous and heartwarming moments between a traditional Indian father, who is known as Uncle Subbu, and his adult daughter. His comics mostly depict the clash and connection between generations, with Uncle Subbu’s traditional ways contrasting with his daughter’s modern life. They are both opposite each other, which makes his comics more attractive.

He highlights the cultural differences and funny situations that mostly arise when a traditional father interacts with his free-spirited adult daughter. He also explores relatable themes like family situations, cultural expectations, and experiencing life’s challenges with a touch of humor. By creating comics on such topics, he was able to build an audience of 8,743 followers on his Instagram account. Let’s enjoy adorable comics based on a father and his daughter.

Credit: Uncle Subbu Comics

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#1. Surprise


#2. Decision

#3. School Bus


#4. Negotiations

#5. Work From Home


#6. Let me check

He says that while living in a family, when everyone sits together, most of the arguments are between a traditional Indian father and his modern daughter. Then the idea comes to his mind of how it will be if he shares these arguments in the form of comics with the people. Then he started creating comics and continues to do so.

#7. Yoga


#8. Watching

#9. Snoring


#10. Ordering a Pizza


#11. So true


#12. So talented

#13. Empty


#14. Rejected Application

Uncle Subbu is not a strict parent because his love for his daughter is visible in his comics. His daughter’s desire for independence and individuality is also understandable. Despite the comedic situations, the main theme of Uncle Subbu Comics is love and understanding. In his comics, touching moments show us the adorable bond between parent and child, even when faced with differences. For more of his comics, click here.

#15. Tell me


#16. awkward statements

#17. Engage


#18. Bank Heist

#19. So Cool


#20. Board Results

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