20 Uncle Saucebags Comics Shows Hilarious Situations Based on Science


On Instagram, you have seen many famous comic strips. One comic strip series, which we will discuss today for its hilarious combination of humor, appeal, and fun in the world of Instagram, is a social media platform where many artists create comics on different topics. One of them is Uncle Saucebags Comics, which takes readers on a journey to a world where ordinary science situations become extraordinary and the everyday becomes moments of amusement.

You have not seen his comics before because he is not so popular. He started making comics as a test to see whether he could become popular on social media, but his first effort did not succeed in becoming a beloved comic series, and he currently has only 1,788 Instagram followers. Let’s explore some of his best comics in this article.

Credit: Uncle Saucebags

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#1. Hot


#2. Real Woman

#3. Boner


#4. Earth

#5. Married


#6. Santa

Although he does not share so much information about himself, in his bio, he describes himself as an artist who makes comics backed by science. His comics are mostly based on hilarious science situations and experiments with surprising endings and clever twists. The main reason is that he also has a background in science, so making comics about such things gives him happiness.

#7. Protein Powder


#8. Crumbling

#9. New Diet


#10. Sign of the times

#11. Unforgiven


#12. Eating

#13. Manicure


#14. Party

His ability to find humor in even the most ridiculous scientific situations is the basis of his humorous comics. He has a talent for adding a strange twist to everyday life. His comics act as an example that laughing is a healing medicine for life’s complexities and that humor can often be found in the unexpected. If you find his comics interesting as well, please share which one is your favorite in a comment.

#15. Job Interview


#16. Funny

#17. Crushing


#18. Pizza Day

#19. Acting Glass


#20. Second Chance

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