20 Uarrr Comics Full of Puns and Unexpected Endings to Make You Surprise

A good comic can transport you to another world, allowing you to escape from the stresses of daily life. Humor in comics can be a great way to de-stress and lighten your mood. Unlike some forms of entertainment, comics mostly require some level of active engagement, keeping your mind occupied without feeling overwhelming. Reading comics can inspire your own creativity and imagination. That’s why we have another collection of comics for you.

Allow me to introduce you to the brilliant artist Marcel Wichmann. He is a comic book creator who made the decision to follow the pattern and make others happy by sharing his work online. His hometown is Berlin, Germany. For his devoted admirers, he launched an Instagram account named Uarrr, where he posted his comics with pleasant humor.

Credit: Uarrr

For more information and his best comics, you can visit his Instagram profile. You can also enjoy some of his best articles on Bored Comics. For this, you have to simply click here. We guarantee his comics will bring a smile to your face. Have a great time reading this blog.

#1. Printer Noises

#2. Make Lemonade

#3. Vest is Complete


#4. Secret Ingredient

#5. Truth or Bear

The artist’s primary goal is to make people smile by using his comics. His goal is to work as an illustrator. He began creating comics, but eventually came to the realization that creating comics was not the same as creating them for a living. That’s the reason he took a long break from creating comics. Then, for no apparent reason, he began again. His Instagram account currently has only 6,203 followers, possibly as a result of this change.

#6. Let’s See


#7. Like and Subscribe

#8. Mine

#9. Me and my opinions


The artist claims that drawing is only his form of entertainment. He is happy that he is where he is and does not wish to be somewhere else. He believed for a long time that he was meant to be an illustrator. At one point, he was even spending less than a semester studying illustration. The majority of the artwork is colorful and sometimes includes the artist himself and other natural shapes.

#10. Social Media

#11. Wi-Fi Cancer

#12. Sweaty Hands


#13. In the Gym

#14. Cozy place with sunlight

The artist is active on many social media platforms. He reads the comments of his fans whenever he posts his comics. He finds that most people have favorable things to say about him. All he wants is for people to look at his art and laugh. There is no pressure, but it would be nice to laugh. If you also laughed, then share it with your loved ones to make them laugh.

#15. Back Pain Problems


#16. Solid Presentation

#17. Just a little

#18. Supposed to know her


#19. Cake

#20. Productive Winter Day

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