25 Times an Artist Tyson Cole Creates Hilarious Single-Panel Illustrations to Amuse Everyone 

Instagram has become a platform that hosts a diverse array of artistic talent, with artists of various styles and genres showcasing their work to a wide audience. One such artist who has gained considerable popularity on Instagram is Tyson Cole, known for his unique and captivating artwork that combines elements of fantasy, surrealism, and pop culture. Tyson Cole, commonly known by his Instagram handle @tysoncoleart, is an illustrator and digital artist based in the United States. 


With a distinct style characterized by vibrant colors, intricate details, and a touch of whimsy, Tyson Cole’s artwork has garnered a significant following of 35,800 on social media. One of the notable aspects of Tyson Cole’s artwork is his ability to create fantastical and surreal worlds that transport viewers to other realms of imagination. His illustrations often feature dreamlike landscapes, surreal creatures, and whimsical characters that captivate the imagination and evoke a sense of wonder.

Tyson Cole’s artwork also incorporates elements of pop culture, with references to movies, TV shows, video games, and popular icons. He skillfully blends these familiar elements with his unique artistic style, creating artwork that resonates with viewers on both visual and nostalgic levels. His recurring themes in his artwork are the celebration of nature and wildlife. Many of his illustrations feature animals in fantastical settings, showcasing the beauty and majesty of the natural world. His artwork often conveys a sense of reverence for nature while also imbuing it with a touch of magic and wonder. You can check his recent 25 illustrations in the next section. Have a good time!

Credit: Tyson Cole Art

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#1. How about caramel?

#2. The robots are taking over, but they will keep some of us around


#3. All in favor say EYE!

#4. Pissin rainbows


#5. The hard stuff

#6. I don’t know what the ides of March, but be aware of them


#7. Just through a stick really far!

#8. This technology is getting out of control


#9. A proud papa

#10. What city do you think this is?


#11. Anteaters are fun to draw

#12. Silly thought


#13. Which one is yours?

#14. First of all, how dare you?


#15. Slowly melting into the ground

#16. Different perspective


#17. You are invertebrate

#18. Somebody contaminated the sample


#19. Good fat or bad fat?

#20. Don’t put your hands up


#21. Halloween

#22. Compliments


#23. Clear the blockage

#24. It is called the bottom


#25. Suspicious

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