20 Tute Comics Beautifully Sums Up the Struggles of Being a Girl

Today we are here to discuss an artist who makes comics about […]

Today we are here to discuss an artist who makes comics about the situations that happened with girls in a Very decent way. The artist’s name is Tute, and she has an Instagram account named Tute Comics. On her Instagram account, she uploaded comics related to girl’s lives regularly. She has gained 3,738 followers on her Instagram account by creating content that is enjoyable for her fans.

The artist claims that she is an introverted girl who expresses herself through her paintings. She creates comics that depict every possible real-life situation. There are so many girls who relate to these illustrations. The scenarios that every girl faces in her daily life are portrayed by this artist. Though the artist sometimes combines some serious elements, the majority of the comics have a lighthearted mood. See some of the artists’ comics that are sure to resonate with girls in the section below.

Credit: Tute Comics

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#1. Nice Tip

#2. Bored

#3. New Skin care product


#4. Don’t bother me again

#5. Winter Clothes

#6. ever experienced?


The artist says that there are some similar things that most ladies share, even if every girl has a unique existence. She creates illustrations on subjects that appeal to girls. The artist creates comics from the events of her everyday life. She specializes in capturing everyday issues and knows how to arrange them in a hilarious way in her drawings.

#7. How to have a perfect skin

#8. Every time

#9. Long Hair


#10. Date

#11. Ending the conversation

#12. He knows everything


#13. So cute

#14. The secret movement of our happiness

#15. So relatable


She frequently shares relatable situations on her Instagram account, including funny incidents or times that a lot of people can identify with. Her jokes serve as a gentle reminder that these situations happen to almost all girls, so find humorous moments in these situations. So if you are a girl and feel overwhelmed by the world, take a break and scroll through Tute’s comics.

#16. Exercise

#17. Everyday

#18. Fighting for love


#19. Healthy Life

#20. Birthday

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