20 Trying Times Comics Based on Unexpected and Dark Twists

Trying Times Comics is a web comic series created by Leighton Luckey that focuses on themes of life relationships and the challenges of the modern world. His comics are known for their relatable humor, quirky characters, and unexpected twists. Luckey often draws inspiration from his own experiences and observations, creating comics that resonate with readers who have faced similar situations.


He mostly deals with everyday situations and experiences that many people can relate to, such as social awkwardness, relationship struggles, and the challenges of adulting. His comics feature a simple and clean art style that is easy to read and understand. That’s why his comics are so popular, and he currently has an audience of 11,600 followers on her Instagram account. If you want to enjoy his best comics, then feel free to explore the following section.

Credit: Trying Times Comics

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#1. Sensors


#2. Flat


#3. Graphs

#4. Glasses


#5. Outside

#6. Consciousness


Trying Times Comics is about relationships, an obsessed life, and these times of difficulty. At least, that seems to be the general idea behind his title. More precisely, though, it’s about his hobbies, the interactions he has with my wife, friends, and cat, as well as everything else that’s happening in his immediate surroundings.

#7. Advice

#8. Love


#9. Filth

#10. Business


#11. Fandoms

#12. Beans


#13. art

#14. Leaks


#15. Ice cream

Trying Times Comics came to be during the quarantine period. He chose comics because, at some point during his long isolation, he needed a bit more creative expression and a little more interaction with the outside world. For those of you who need a little escape to put your problems aside, his comics are perfect. If you need a good distraction from all the negative news, you should definitely check out his best comics.

#16. Nerds


#17. Remote

#18. Imposter


#19. Guts

#20. Productivity


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