20 Time Trabble Comics Captures Hilarious Jokes and Surprising Punchlines


Time Trablle is a funny web comic that is well-known for its dark humor, bizarre situations, and realistic life perspectives. It was created by a talented artist, Mikey Heller. He is a LA-based cartoonist and comedian from Rochester, New York. Many people find it to be their favorite because of its unique combination of dark comedy and unexpected turns. He covers a variety of comics themes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

His comics have hidden twists. Just when you think readers are getting the humor, something unexpected happens that will have you laughing aloud. The artist has a remarkable ability to transform difficult and sometimes challenging ideas into something appealing and beautiful. He has 6,900 followers on his Facebook page.  We have collected some of his best comics. If you are interested in enjoying these comics, please feel free to browse the following area.

Credit: Time Trabble Comics

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#1. Please vote


#2. Re entering Society

#3. Change the world


#4. Big changes

#5. Puppet


#6. Bad Comedian

He currently resides in New York and works in another artistic capacity as a graphic designer. He had always enjoyed using drawings to tell stories, and web comics provided him with a new opportunity. The reason the artist started making web comics was because he loves to draw, but he really enjoyed reading and watching a lot of popular web comics online.

#7. ShowerNo photo description available.

#8. Distracted


#9. God and satan

#10. bad Design


#11. Getting a tattoo

#12. Good person


#13. Wine Tasting

#14. Father and son


The creator always creates four-panel comics, which he regularly shares on Facebook. The primary reason for capturing dark humor comics, according to him, is because most people find them entertaining. He usually interacts with his fans in the comment section to find out what they like to see most. Then, based on that, he modifies his style. For more such comics, please regularly visit our website.

#15. Dead skin

#16. Watering


#17. Little pigs

#18. Eating dinner


#19. Concert

#20. Nice


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