20 Tiff & Eve Comics About The Lives of Two Roommate Best Friends

You have seen many comics based on dark themes and single-panel humor on Bored Comics. But we have never seen comics about Tiff and Eve because we are introducing them on Bored Comics for the first time. It is a web comic that can be categorized as slice-of-life situations and comedy. It explores the everyday experiences and challenges of young adults. It also shows the lives of two roommates who are best friends.

The talented writer who started this comic series many years ago is Fran Sundblad. The majority of her comics revolve around two primary characters. Tiff is a trans woman navigating her journey with the constant help of her best friend. Eve is an aggressive and committed transgender roommate. There are 1,030 Instagram followers as of right now. Their depictions of transgender women in a positive light and the value of strong friendships are regularly appreciated in their comics.

Credit: Tiff & Eve Comics

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You can better understand their lives by seeing the following collection of comics:

#1. Need Therapy

#2. Great Wooden Hammer

#3. Dark Souls


#4. That’s Me

#5. What he meant?

#6. Tried to Control That


When asked about how he got the idea of creating comics, she says that she draws inspiration from established creators and develops her own artistic style. She also reads many classic newspaper comic strips with a modern twist. When she was reading comics about them, her friend often asked her to start her own comic series. But she mostly says that she does not have so many brilliant artistic skills.

#7. Getting Bonuses

#8. Interview Time

#9. A round number


#10. Happy Pride

According to the artist, you never completely know who you are going to find yourself with while living with your roommates. They claim that when they get together, they mostly find themselves in awkward situations, such as forgetting who gets to buy the toilet paper or accidentally wearing each other’s clothes. These common mishaps are relatable to those who have any experience living in a hostel.

#11. Plastic Gloves

#12. It feels very bad


#13. Can’t remember

#14. Let’s do this

#15. How about your day?


In general, having roommates is all about companionship. Living in the same apartment may result in many amusing times spent together, such as late-night movie watching or just stupid conversations. Hopefully, you people enjoyed this amazing blog. Before leaving this blog, share your valuable feedback with us by commenting about your favorite comics from the above.

#16. Ton of art supplies

#17. That’s the spirit

#18. It’s a Commission


#19. Just Texting

#20. Waiting for my uncle

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