20 comics shows The Hilarious Adventures of Three Friends Who Are Gays


Three Am I Gays is an Instagram account created by duo artists Marty Basto and Simon Eriksson. It is a comic series that focuses on romantic relationships between male characters. The web comic follows the story of three friends, which are a bear, an otter, and a queen. Francis is a bear. Felix is a funny character, and Rob is a drag queen who goes by the original name Regina Rich.

Francis is a large person with a kind heart. While working as a bodyguard, he has a secret crush on Felix. Felix is an excited person who works as a coffee shop worker. Francis feels very close to him, but he is unaware of her love for him. Rob is a bold, confident drag performer. With a sharp tongue and a listening ear, he is a constant source of support for his friends. They have 10,900 Instagram followers. Let’s enjoy their best comics.

Credit: Three am i gays

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#1. What’s wrong?


#2. Dating

#3. They certainly were drinking a lot back then


#4. Even a bad day can turn into a good one with a small gesture from the one you love

#5. Mess


#6. That was not a spoiler free zone

They live together in a big city and show the challenges and joys of love, friendship, and self-discovery. This web comic is famous for its humor, heartwarming moments, and exploration of hilarious themes. It has gained a large following online and is praised for its relatable characters and positive portrayal of male relationships.

#7. Francis moves fast


#8. Party

#9. Bet


#10. Someone make the Queen twirl

#11. Her skills are out of this world


#12. He actually went through with his gift idea

#13. Who guessed he would call mama?


#14. Junk Food

#15. Shopping


It is a beautifully illustrated and relatable story that explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the ups and downs of teenage emotions. As they spend more time together, Francis starts to question his feelings for Felix, and their relationship takes a turn towards something more. Hopefully, you can understand the characters and their bonding after reading this blog. For more new articles, you can visit our website on a regular basis.

#16. energy Levels

#17. magical Christmas


#18. Good Night

#19. He’s so innocent at times


#20. This always happen to the one who doesn’t want to watch it

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