Artist Released New Comics With Elephants And It Will Leave You In Tears

German artist Jenny Jenny is notorious for bringing tears to the eyes of her fans. His comic strips were nicknamed tearjerkers because they showed how cruel some people can be to animals. Jenny now has a full 310K followers on Instagram, proving that people are not immune to animal cruelty, abandonment, pollution, environmental hazards, and other hardships.

Jenny Jinya is back with a new Comic strip that raises awareness of how heartless elephant rides can be. It turns out that the animals are taken from their families in the wild and forced to live in captivity where they are constantly terrorized. Prepare some tissue in the hand and take a look at the comics below.

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Jenny Jinya Create a Comic strip about an elephant working on a tourist ride, awareness about animal cruelty

Jenny Jinya to learn about the idea behind this particular elephant comic strip. Turns out, the painting had a picture showing a captured baby elephant that moved it so deep. When these designated trainers hit the defective creature, it was tied up and screamed in pain.

Jenny is convinced that “if more tourists knew how to subdue elephants, perhaps few people would support these ‘attractions’.” Elephants in the past “had no idea how ‘trained’ these animals were.

Jenny admits that the whole process of drawing such heartbreaking stories is tragic. Doing research on this issue is always frustrating, but when I sketch the storyboard, there are tears on my cheeks as well.

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