This Cartoonist illustrates Whatever his Followers ask Him to Draw Through his Comics (20 Comics)

You may have seen many artists in your life who draws comics for his fans. But those artists only illustrates thier ideas in thier comics. Some of them make dark comics. Some maybe hilarious comics. But they are bound to make comics according to thier main theme only and the artist is better known by his fans for that theme.

But you ever heard about an artist who makes comics whatever his fans demand. Your answer will surel be “No”. But we bring an artist or cartoonist for you who makes such comics. The artist makes comics on topics which are requested by his fans. The artist name is “Chilik”. He is a Belarusian artist who loves interacting with his fans.

On Twitter and Instagram, he comically illustrates whatever is asked of him and then posts his illustrations with the original request. By creating such content, he is able to achieved 11.6k fans on his instagram account. His content is always enjoyable for his fans. We have compiled some of his best comics in the following section. Hope you also enjoy his comics.

Credit: Chiliktol

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