This Artist’s Comics illustrates how to Deal with Anxieties and Bad Thoughts (20 Comics)

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“Chris Naish” is an artist who makes comics on the way how people deal with anxieties. He is the creator of “Admiral Wonder boat Comics” on which he convey the ways to deal with problems and anxieties through his comics. By creating such content, he is able to achieve a family of 24.2k true followers.


The artist says that he had been dealing with anxieties and problems for many years. 2013 was a nightmare for him. But he recovered himself from all these by exercise, art and doing other tension relief stuff. Later he realised he should want to tell people about his experiences to share what has helped him and to encourage people who are walking the same path he did.

Then he started to make comics. He says comics are my way of spreading joy, fun, and encouragement. He presented himself as a turtle character in his comics. Let’s take a look some of beautiful illustrations of this artist in order to understand the whole scenario.

Credit: Admiral Wonder Boat Comics

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