This Artist’s Adorable Comics Depicts her Everyday Life with her Boyfriend and Dog (20 Comics)




Creative people have different ways of expressing feelings, thoughts, and other things that have a meaningful connection to their lives. Some can do this by writing songs, writing poetry, dancing, and just like artists do in their works, they not only arouse curiosity in their viewers, but also convey the story behind each masterpiece they create.

Likewise, we are here to introduce you to a Chinese artist who has such a creative spirit. The good name of the artist is “Bonnie Pang”. Since 2013 she has been creating the IT guy & ART girl comic strip. In her comics, the artist documents her daily life with her IT boyfriend and her dog, Milky, and her comics are both relatable and downright adorable.

Bonnie has an audience of over 302k followers on Instagram who love her comics. Sometimes her fans laugh a lot, sometimes they are touched. Sometimes her comics really relate to their own relationships. We have gathered some of her adorable comics in the following phase. Hope couple surely like these comics and they can also relate. Have a nice day!

Credit: Bonnie Pang art

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