This Artist’s 20 Comics illustrates Silly and Relateable Things Happened in our Childhood

It will be fun to dive into childhood memories by reminding you of some of the common tricks we used to do as kids.When you look back on your childhood, what things come to mind as the silliest and funniest childhood memories? We are all made to believe many stupid things and if we remember it now, we instantly make ourselves laugh out loud.I hope it triggers some exciting memories for you.

Today we bring an artist for you who make comics about funny and hilarious things happened in our childhood. The artist name is “Stephy”. She loves her passion for drawing. The main theme of this artist’s comics is to turn childhood funny memories into drawings. By creating such loveable content,she earned 93.2k followers on her instagram account.

The artist says that she was gifted an iPad in 2019, that made her get into comics. We often see that characters in her comics usually have big eyes because she felt like drawing big eyes as it is easy to convey expressions. Now if you want remember silly and relateable things happened in your childhood then must scroll down the gallery below. It will surely make your mood happy.

Credit: Stephy Ann Tomy

More info: Instagram | Website

#1 (battle about charging)

#2 (Laziness)


#4 (When about to sleep)

#5 (Hesitation)

#6 (Silly thing)

#7 (When u open chips packet)

#8 (Fight Between Siblings)

#9 (Cold Side of Balnket)

#10 (After lift heavy thing)

#11 (shyness)

#12 (Sneeze prank)

#13 (arguments)

#14 (Own voice recording)

#15 (pimple)






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