This artist imagines what would happen if the Disney princesses went to the psychotherapist (10 images)

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Growing up on Disney movies, many of us fantasized about being princes and princesses, living in a beautiful castle with our loved ones, and being happy. However, as children, we never questioned how princesses would feel after going through all those difficulties to reach their happy ending. Venezuelan artist María Guadarrama has decided to explore her mental health and has created a collection of Disney princesses by going to see her psychotherapist, Dr. Jirafa Rosa.


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#1 Ariel


#2 Snow White



#3 Rapunzel


#4 Elsa


Dr. Pink Giraffe is very sarcastic with his patients. It occurred to me at a time when I had to see things with a cold mind. Every time I felt like I was drowning in a glass of water, I would remember the character. I wanted to turn him into on a pink giraffe to create a contradiction between his appearance and his rational mind.

I’m a big fan of animation, especially Disney and Pixar. One day, my boyfriend, who knows my works better than anyone, asked me if it wouldn’t be funny if the giraffe doctor had princesses as patients, and it was instantaneous, I already knew what the giraffe was going to say to each of them.

#5 Cinderella



#6 Beautiful


Having Dr. Giraffe talk to them was an interesting exercise, because as a Disney fan who is inspired by his movies, now I see them with different eyes. I love Ariel, but he is 16 years old and he probably needs advice before making risky decisions. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s childhood nostalgia, but I’ve been drawing Dr. Giraffe for so long that when I started adding Disney princesses, it was as if the dialogue came straight to mind.

#7 dawn


#8 Jasmine



I love the fact that something that only lives in your mind becomes a work that communicates a message to other people. I love how comics make you put words and images together in a way that they do not repeat themselves but they count differently. parts of stories I love storytelling and how people connect with it.





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