This Artist Creates Comics which are full of Quirks and Dark Humour (30 Comics)

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Today, we are introducing you an artist who makes quirky comics which are full of dark humour. The good name of the artist is “Lloyd Davies”. He is from England. He makes all of his comics on Microsoft paint. He is better known as for his webcomic series named “Eat my paint”. He have been drawing comics for about 6 years and the fanbase steadily keeps growing. Now he has successfully achieved upto 123k fans on his instagram account and his fans are still growing.


People ask why he use Microsoft Paint instead of other more commonly used programs. Answer honestly, I don’t know. I think this is mainly because Microsoft Paint is free, easy to understand and with enough practice it offers a wide range of possibilities, making it a useful tool in its own right.

The drawing technique of this artist is very decent. Colour scheme and story telling ability is up to the mark. His main aim is to bring smile on sad faces. He says that he is just a guy from humble beginnings who got a cheap plug-in tablet and started practising how to make MS Paint look passable. That’s how he started drawing comics. Check out some of his dark comics in the gallery below.

Credit: Eat my paint

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Website


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