This Artist beautifully Depicts Hilarious Moments in order to Show her Sharp Sense of Humor (20 Comics)

Who says there’s no potential to develop your comedic skills if you study music? Who says you can’t be a talented artist even if you work as a waitress? Even if you spend a lot of time indoors, you still have opportunities to use your natural talents in front of other people. As long as you are passionate about and value something sincerely, anything is possible.

Amy Revives, a 23-year-old medical student in the Netherlands, is the person I’m going to introduce to you today. While she aspires to be an artist, she also enjoys making comics, which she began doing in 2018 after much discussion. After two years, Amy currently has about 108k Instagram followers who are impatiently awaiting her most recent amusing and relevant comics.

Her ultimate goal is to work as a cardiologist. She immediately realized how crucial it was for the body’s physical and mental components to work together harmoniously. She firmly believes that in order for someone to let go of life’s hassles, they must both be in good physical and mental health. The harder she works to produce humorous drawings to make everyone who reads them laugh, the deeper her belief. Let’s look at some of her most impressive drawings.

Credit: Amy Revives

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