20 Amusing Comics Beautifully Portrays How It Looks Like If Animals Can Talk

If animals could speak, we would wonder what they would say. If […]

If animals could speak, we would wonder what they would say. If so, stop wondering and start reading these fantastic comics by Jimmy Craig, which will answer all of your questions. The collection of the gallery is very simple to understand, as you will observe from the following list, and the illustrations are from a comic series named They Can Talk. We have published him before on Bored Comics. If you are not an old vampire, then you can watch by clicking HereHereHereHere And Here.

Jimmy Craig looks deeper into the crazy inner minds of animals. His comics show various kinds of animals, from pet dogs and cats to uncontrollable animals, and provide an understanding of their possible everyday thoughts. He is well-known for his sense of humor and his talent for capturing the essence of various animals’ personalities. Although his artwork is basic and cartoonish, it does a good job of capturing the creatures’ feelings.

He is the artist who gives us a fresh and sometimes humorous viewpoint on how various animals see the world by letting us into their minds. He has 651,000 Instagram followers. Don’t lose your sense of humor the next time you wake up to see your cat scratching up your face or discover a piece of hair in your footwear. It’s possible that your pet is just attempting to communicate with you in a unique way.

Credit: They Can Talk

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#1. Dreams an Inspirations

#2. Down to the ground just for a poop

#3. Mystery


#4. Singing

#5. Dropped his wallet

#6. Always So Tired


Jimmy draws humorous pictures that illustrate what would happen if animals could communicate. Jimmy seems to have no limits to his imagination, since he is also quite skilled at giving his illustrations an unexpected twist. He includes other animals like birds, insects, fish, and reptiles, despite the fact that he primarily depicts dogs and cats. Therefore, owners of exotic pets will also learn something new.

#7. Hat

#8. Window Shopping

#9. Dog Encounters


#10. Carried Away

#11. Silver Lining

After all these years, we wanted to know what motivated Jimmy to keep making these comics. He informed us that he enjoys creating comics and that, although the art has shifted a little over time, his approach has not. He claimed that having so many contributions on Bored Comics gave him considerable visibility, particularly with regard to new readers.

#12. Cool Horn


#13. Flowers

#14. Hold Up

#15. Dropped The leash


#16. Help

He is the artist who responds to all preferences. The realistic activities will appeal to animal lovers, and the brilliant humor and surprising turns will make anyone smile. Thus, be sure to check out more articles of this kind on our website if you are in the mood for some lighthearted reading and an original perspective on our animal friends.

#17. They Laughed at me

#18. Hanging out in the water


#19. Enjoy the screams

#20. Under Estimate

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