These 20 Hilarious Comics Full of Sudden Twists will Make Dark Comics Lovers Happy

We all need a perfect break, especially on dull days. Humor and comedy are still in high demand because there isn’t much to laugh about in the actual world. But let’s not get too down about it. Although the concept of “dark comedy” is not new, it addresses topics that are frequently taboo or challenging to discuss. Since sarcastic messages demand twice as much brain processing work, it is difficult for our brains to understand the irony.

Not every comic book appears to be about superheroes and bad guys. There are some that depict our everyday situations, but occasionally in humorous ways. But for the artist Alper, it has dark humor in it. Known as “Laque Comics,” his comics typically have four panels and cover a wide range of topics. The topics typically range from common place activities to the dumbest of notions, with some discussions touching on imaginary pals.

He started working on the comic series in 2018 after finishing school since he felt like doing something related to comics. It has provided him with a means of escape from the boring and repetitive routines of daily life. Its name is derived from a childhood nickname he used. His comics can cover a variety of subjects, from everyday tasks to strange ideas. Here are a few of his best dark illustrations.

Credit: Laque Comics

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