20 There Goes Motivation Comics Shows Struggles of Everyday Life

There Goes Motivation is a web comic series created by artist Loron R. This web comic focus on the struggles of everyday life and find humor in the lack of motivation we all experience sometimes. Her art style is simple and cartoony, with expressive characters that make the situations all the more relatable. Characters in her comics are frequently dealing with self-doubt, putting off tasks, and having an endless to-do list.


Her comics touch on common experiences we all face, from the struggle to get out of bed in the morning to the urge to just scroll through social media instead of being productive. She takes the ordinary and turns it into something funny, helping us laugh at ourselves and our everyday struggles. We have collected her best comics for you in the following section.

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#1. Flat world


#2. Don’t like


#3. So inspirational

#4. Internet


#5. Get it

#6. Good shape


Despite the lack of motivation depicted, there’s a deeper feeling of comfort in knowing we’re not alone. The comics provide a humorous way of recognizing and appreciating our difficulties. Her comics always manage to make you laugh, even if they aren’t afraid to depict the realities of feeling unmotivated. That’s why her comics are so popular with her audience.

#7. Sad music

#8. Boyfriend


#9. Love sleep

#10. Got a text


#11. Flattered

#12. So true


#13. Searching phone

#14. Okay


There Goes Motivation offers a lighthearted and relatable look at the challenges of staying motivated. With its charming illustrations and relatable humor, it’s a comic series that will make you smile and feel understood. After watching her comics, you will feel that these situations happen to all of us. The perfect way to do it is to face them in a hilarious way. If you enjoyed this blog, don’t forget to comment and share it.

#15. Temptation

#16. Online


#17. Need to pee

#18. Short vs tall


#19. So lonely

#20. Money can’t buy happiness


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