Here are 20 Dark Humor Illustrations From “The Square Comics” To Boost Your Mood

Dark comics are a sub-genre of comics that typically feature mature themes, graphic violence, and a generally darker tone. These comics often deal with serious issues such as death, depression, drug addiction, and other societal problems. The stories in dark comics can be bleak and disturbing, and they often feature complex, flawed characters who are struggling with their own demons. These comics often feature antiheroes or villains as the main characters.

Alvin Juano is an up-and-coming Instagram artist who has been garnering attention for his unique and dark illustrations. He is the owner and creator of the webcomic series “The Square Comics,” which has gained a considerable following of 606,000 on social media. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, he discovered his passion for art at a young age. He spent most of his childhood drawing and experimenting with different mediums. After graduating from college with a degree in multimedia arts, he decided to pursue a career in art and design.

Juano’s style is distinct and easily recognizable. His illustrations are often characterized by their bold lines, stark contrast, and use of negative space.  He has a talent for capturing emotion and creating a sense of mood in his work. His use of shadows and silhouettes is particularly effective in conveying a sense of foreboding or unease. Despite the often-dark subject matter of his work, Juano’s illustrations are undeniably beautiful. His use of color is masterful, and he has a talent for creating texture and depth in his work. If you are a lover of dark humor, there is a collection of dark comics in the following section.

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Credit: The Square Comics

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#1. Approachable

#2. How it began

#3. Wish

#4. True

#5. Joy

#6. Happy Valentines day

#7. Hostages

#8. Different places

#9. Brick

#10. Hope you fine one

#11. Top

#12. Burn!!!

#13. Job

#14. Sometimes

#15. Wonder

#16. Fresh

#17. Everyone fails

#18. Merry Christmas!

#19. New year!

#20. Emotional issues

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