20 The Square Comics Based on Dark Humor and Unexpected Twists

The Square Comics is a series of web comics created by Indonesian artist Alvin Juano. He is a 24-year-old Indonesian artist. The web comic is known for its dark humor and unexpected twists. He creates simple and clean designs with a focus on clear communication of the message through the visuals. His humor is often dark and unexpected, taking a humorous approach to everyday situations with a surprising turn of events.


Alvin, a teenage artist going through a difficult time in his life, chooses to use a sketchbook and a little imagination instead of going into depression. Thus, in 2014, Square Comics was established. In his comics, he mostly deals with characters dealing with loneliness, depression, and anxiety. By exploring such themes, she is able to amass an audience of 604,000 followers on her Instagram account. You can check out some of his best comics in the following section.

Credit: The Square Comics

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#1. Selfish


#2. True Love


#3. Learning

#4. Cinderella


#5. Remember

#6. Lucky


His comics often start out lighthearted and cheerful, but then take a sharp turn towards the dark or unexpected. This signature style has earned them a dedicated following among fans of dark humor. Despite their dark humor, the comics often touch on relatable themes like everyday life, relationships, and pop culture references. This makes them even more enjoyable for readers.

#7. Save the world

#8. Unexpected


#9. Worry



#11. Bloody marry

#12. Courses


#13. Fair

#14. Fair


#15. Grow up

Characters in the comics often deal with difficult situations, including loneliness, sadness, and anxiety. But he always manages to find the humorous side of situations, and his comics frequently inspire and give readers hope. If you enjoy dark humor and unexpected twists, The Square Comics are definitely worth checking out. You can also read some of his previous articles on our website by clicking here and here.

#16. Work


#17. Eventually

#18. Pressure


#19. Purpose

#20. Great


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