20 Potato Couple Comics About the Moments That Happen in Relationship Life

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A healthy relationship looks like a balance between two people who are happy and fulfilled, both together and as individuals. They are confident and secure in themselves. They have their own hobbies, interests, and friendships that bring them joy. This is what the Potato Couple on Instagram portrays in their comics. This is the couple that maintains a healthy relationship. There will be times when one has to go through difficult times. But with trust, communication, and a shared commitment, partners can work together to get things in balance.


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#1. The Recipe for a happy relationship

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#2. Rich

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We are here to illustrate other elements of everyday life through the humorous stories of two artists. This web comic was created by Malaysian comic strip creator Jason Shyang. Most couples could certainly relate to the experiences the artist and his girlfriend in his comics. His girlfriend name is Ymei. They are both equally strong and independent, having fun and creating positive memories. 

#3. Getting Normal Girlfriend

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#4. Different Moods

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#5. Getting Normal Boyfriend

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#6. Don’t you ever play with fart again

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#7. Why choose when you can have all of them

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#8. Accidentally cut my finger last week

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He started making comics to share on Instagram with his partner as a way to show her how much he loved her and to make her laugh. He started getting positive responses from people all over the world. But over time, his funny and heartwarming photos helped him win over thousands of online fans. As of right now, 632,000 users follow him on Instagram.

#9. All Good

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#10. Love You

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#11. This topic is super important

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#12. Some simple Realization lately

image 883

#13. Going to the toilet

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He claims that daily life is a common and beloved theme for many cartooning authors. It also seems like a lot of people are enjoying it. Even though there are many comics that show everyday life, he has a unique way of capturing the things that happen on an everyday basis. His comics are mostly based on a multi-panel format.

#14. Forgot To Hug

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#15. Hands Up

image 886

#16. See you again

image 887

#17. You’re officially an adult when you get either one of these

image 888

#18. Just by looking at you makes me feel happy

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Ultimately, keep in mind that a good relationship is a journey rather than a destination. While there will always be difficulties, if you take care of these basic elements, you could develop a lasting, meaningful relationship. Also, keep supporting us by sharing this article. We are trying our best to bring fabulous content to you on a regular basis.

#19. Add Happiness

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#20. Let’s see what’s Inside

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