Here are 20 Clever Comics Full of Dark Twists by Mokumentary

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Shared laughter can build bridges and foster a sense of community, even if it’s based on dark humor. There’s a sense of community formed when we laugh at the same dark joke or gasp at the same surprising twist in a comic. We come to the realization that we are not alone in our bizarre thoughts and fears, and that realization is somehow comforting.


We’re bringing you a comic today that has a surprising twist and dark comedy. Your mood will change as a result. Introducing Daniel Mok, the creator of many humorous comics. The comic’s artist fully utilizes black humor. We really hope you like the comic. Daniel is well renowned for The Monkumentary, a dark and humorous webcomic series. His fans usually find inspiration in his content. Currently, he has 32,900 followers on Instagram, and he keeps creating wonderful stuff for them. Let’s explore his best comics in the next section.

Credit: The Monkumentary

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#1. Power card activated

image 484

#2. Luck not found

image 486

#3. After the bang comes the blue

image 487

#4. Don’t Say It

image 488

#5. Next year will be better

image 489

#6. Holiday love story

image 490

The random thoughts come to mind while I poop, as stated in his bio. He claims that during his free time, he has all of his hilarious ideas, which he then sketches out to create dark comics. His comedic humor takes you out of your comfort zone when it suddenly takes an unexpected or dark turn. This sets his comics apart from those of other artists.

#7. Season of giving up

image 491

#8. My kind of party

image 492

#9. We don’t see color

image 497

#10. A picture speaks a thousand steps

image 496

#11. Generation Gap

image 495

#12. Test Result

image 498

Thus, you really should check out this artist’s comics the next time you’re feeling depressed about the grind. Enjoy the mental getaway, accept the surprise, and let the laughter wash over you. You may discover that sometimes darkness serves as the ideal cure for daily stress. We assure you that if you love dark humor, you will enjoy his comics. Remember to share and leave a comment on this blog. Please click here if you would like to enjoy more.

#13. Still One Month

image 499

#14. Thanks For Sharing

image 500

#15. Don’t Waste

image 501

#16. Struggling

image 502

#17. Some were born to clear leaves

image 503

#18. Boycott

image 504

#19. Long Holiday

image 505

#20. Rain

image 506

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