The life of an Average Girl is perfectly illustrated by this Artist’s 20 Wholesome Comics

It may seem simple to carry on with a typical girl’s life, but the world is always ready to prove you wrong. Life has consistently thrown hurdles in the way of people who are more attracted to the female parts, and it has even given them strange encounters. This becomes more and more significant for cartoonist Laura Romagnoli, who creates amusing depictions of everyday young women for her company.

She is well known for her “Average Girl Comics” webcomic series. She’s settling this matter in the most hilarious way. She is also only 26 years old and has a great sense of humor. She basically adds amusing twists to the challenges she faces on a daily basis and uses expressive graphics to do it. Her comic-book series is thus both humorous and unsettling. But you’ll find it to be incredibly real and relevant.

Laura’s comics depict “poor luck, a little bit of fantasizing, and a lot of personal (and bizarre) daily life experiences viewed through the eyes of a young wannabe artist,” according to her bio. She draws them in her own distinctive and expressive way while adding a comedic undertone to instances from her everyday life. Currently, she has 76,900 followers on her Instagram account. Scroll down to read the comics that will unquestionably brighten your day.

Credit: Average Girls Comics

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